The goslings of the Edmonton Journal’s Goosecam have hatched. The Goosecam, in its 6th year, is a live streaming feed of a Canada Goose nest west of Edmonton. It is an annual experiment by the Journal to examine the effects of round the clock anonymous surveillance on the avian brain. This year’s unlucky participant, Patience, […]

Service Alberta, the department responsible for vital statistics, has released a list of all names given to newborns in Alberta for 2013. Along with the complete list, it compiled the top 20 twenty for boys and girls. For girls, Olivia topped the list, and for boys the number one name was Liam. I caught up […]

Edmonton blossoms like a flower in the summer. Pasty faced citizens crawl from their nooks to enjoy the fleeting 9 days of summer we get every year. There’s something for everyone. Sports enthusiasts, theatre enthusiasts, beer enthusiasts, and trucks with scrotums enthusiasts all get their time in the midnight sun. An oft understated fact about […]

With big ticket acts such as Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Katy Perry, Cher and Drake coming to Edmonton in the coming months, it’s hard to imagine this summer could get any better for concertgoers. And yet, Thursday morning saw the announcement of an international tour by one of the world’s most famous musicians, Guy with […]

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says all candidates running for nomination to represent the Liberal Party in 2015 will have to support the party’s pro-choice position, but that the same rule does not apply to sitting MPs.   “I have made it clear that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote […]

Superhero movies are common fare for moviegoers during the summer blockbuster season, and for good reason. They promise equal dollops of action, romance, and one liners. In an era of twerking, anthrax, and casual racism, they are one of the few things you can count on these days, and Peter Parker delivers. We watch Spidey […]

Don Iveson has confirmed that the statue of Wayne Gretzky, who made a mean beef stroganoff and is considered the greatest hockey player in history, outside Rexall Place, will be moved downtown upon completion of the new arena in 2016. The statue was built a year after Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings […]