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Take a long holiday: Let your children play

In the past weeks when northern Alberta is compared to one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, Daryl Katz writes an apologetic letter to fans of his piss poor hockey team, and airport security gives a pipe bomb to a teenager, poets and pundits need to regroup. What good is metaphor and hyperbole […]


On December 5th 2013 revolutionary, humanist, and bad cook Nelson Mandela passed away. In a global culture there are a special few whose deeds resonate between generations and across cultures, he was one of those people. Our own premiere Alison Redford felt his influence, working as a lawyer and advisor in Africa during the 90s. […]

Pothole dole out: Bone-mushed in the ragged jerking of a spackled cheese road.

    On Monday or Tuesday you may have noticed, emblazoned on the ancient screens of newspaper dispensers, wrinkled with grime, that the city of Edmonton has dispensed nearly $500 000 in pothole claims. The amount of claims has doubled from 1000 to 2000 since last year. Most disturbing of this news is not the tired […]

278 metres: The tallest Edmontonian

    Edmonton’s BCM developments has proposed to build a 71 storey tower in proximity to the future arena. The city’s current tallest building, the Epcor Tower, stands at 149 metres. If the rezoning and building permits are approved the Epcor Tower will be reduced to a tiny speck of laughable insignificance when compared to the […]