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Don Iveson’s birthday mayhem

On this day, May 30th, our mayor Don Iveson turns 35. Don’s civic zeal and roguish good looks captured the hearts of the city as he cruised into city hall after a hard fought election last fall. He has much to celebrate, and he’s certainly earned it, but what happens when someone with that much […]

Edmonton Oil Kings riot “a huge bust” says participants

Following the Edmonton Oil Kings’ victory over the Guelph Storm on Sunday in the Memorial Cup finals, hundreds of fans filled Churchill Square on Wednesday to participate in a traditional hockey riot. The event, however, was a major disappointment. While there was a speech by the mayor, a spirited game of ball hockey, and the […]

The smelliest places in Edmonton

Edmonton blossoms like a flower in the summer. Pasty faced citizens crawl from their nooks to enjoy the fleeting 9 days of summer we get every year. There’s something for everyone. Sports enthusiasts, theatre enthusiasts, beer enthusiasts, and trucks with scrotums enthusiasts all get their time in the midnight sun. An oft understated fact about […]

Guy with an Acoustic Guitar Playing Wonderwall announces summer tour

With big ticket acts such as Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Katy Perry, Cher and Drake coming to Edmonton in the coming months, it’s hard to imagine this summer could get any better for concertgoers. And yet, Thursday morning saw the announcement of an international tour by one of the world’s most famous musicians, Guy with […]

Edmonton 420 celebration ends in chaos

Yesterday the world celebrated 420, a holiday for everyone, no matter what colour of the pot smokers’ neon fractal rainbow they may be. The gatherings are a bit smelly, have at least two hula hoops per person, and are altogether harmless. Or at least, they used to be. Cynics scoff at the pot hysteria of […]

Festival of Ideas: Alanis and Margaret

Margaret Atwood and Alanis Morissette will be at the Winspear this Friday, November 22nd. Chosen for the University of Alberta’s Festival of Ideas based on their palindromic initials, the two are significant cultural icons. But don’t get too excited, the event sold out faster than a six toed proton in the large hadron collider. So, […]

Canadian Finals Rodeo: Cowboys and capitalism

Over the weekend Edmonton was best by an abundance of be-hatted cosplayers of colonialism. They congregated, as they do every year, for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, an event of confusing syntax held since 1974. The sky turns plaid from November 6th to the 10th, $1.47 million worth of winnings is up for grabs as crowds […]