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Galleria pedway to be powered by Geishas, monkeys

City council has stalled on the $1 billion Galleria project in a bid to find more funding partners. They need sources willing to share the $30 million expense for a pedway leading from Churchill station to a proposed arts venue leased by the University of Alberta. The leasing of the space is contingent on the […]

Edmonton Galleria: The horrid consequences

A recently released report has stated that the city may be on the hook for funds down the line for the proposed $1 billion Galleria project. The project is the philanthropic brainchild of the Kipnes family, the bourgeoisie liquor barons who founded Liquor Barn. It proposes four theatres, an office tower, and retail space north […]

The province’s $600 million broken promise: No train for you

With funding in place federally and municipally for the development of the southeast Millwoods LRT line, the city was hopeful for the final $600 million of the $1.8 billion project to come from the provincial government. The government’s throne speech on Thursday promised to renew its long term commitment to funding mass transit in Edmonton […]

#yeg4LRT: Iveson’s propaganda machine

What started with the innocuous hashtag #yeg4LRT, enemy of industry Don Iveson has hammered another nail into Edmonton’s coffers. They bleed like stuck pigs as his propaganda machine eviscerates cold hard facts into a spine softening gruel of pie in the sky pseudoscience. Tuesday saw the launch of, a harem of enticing misinformation that […]

Katz Group to build city office tower: Everything Daryl Katz is bad because he audaciously expects to profit from mutually beneficial business deals

City hall’s blossoming gossip crop has yielded a heady nectarine of speculation: the Katz group will be building a tower that will serve as office space for city hall’s workers. An agreement was allegedly made during a closed door session about downtown accommodation held two kilometres beneath the earth’s crust over a lake of blood. […]

Council budget deliberations: Sanitary and stormwater budget poop poop pee

Today on December 2nd begins the weeks long parade of public hedonism that is the city of Edmonton budget deliberations. Our 12 councillors plus one mayor convene in the frigid council chambers and coalesce into Adam Smith’s living nightmare. Freed from the grasp of the invisible hand, public institutions gather to make their case before […]

Southeast LRT: Matters of the heart

The train. The mighty industrial chariot which mocks the pitiful spindle legs of horse and human. We who covet with unnatural tenacity light rail transit have been told that in seven years time we will be able to mock vulgar plodding of biological locomotion from the velocitous caravan that is an LRT going all the […]