Monthly Archives: May 2014

Don Iveson’s birthday mayhem

On this day, May 30th, our mayor Don Iveson turns 35. Don’s civic zeal and roguish good looks captured the hearts of the city as he cruised into city hall after a hard fought election last fall. He has much to celebrate, and he’s certainly earned it, but what happens when someone with that much […]

Edmonton Oil Kings riot “a huge bust” says participants

Following the Edmonton Oil Kings’ victory over the Guelph Storm on Sunday in the Memorial Cup finals, hundreds of fans filled Churchill Square on Wednesday to participate in a traditional hockey riot. The event, however, was a major disappointment. While there was a speech by the mayor, a spirited game of ball hockey, and the […]

Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past, a most excellent film

Days of Future Past is the story of a human horror frog who’s as immortal as his sideburns are long getting sent back in time to prevent the cunning Tyrion Lannister from being assassinated by a jaundice eyed woman in a blue bodysuit. The movie is chock full of everything the public expects of a […]

Fecal breakfast fixation: Get to know Thomas Lukaszuk

This morning, Thomas Lukaszuk has announced he will be running for leadership of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party. In an age of sound bites, cliff notes, and $3 teen burgers, it can be difficult to get to know candidates in an election. So, here’s some handy factoids that you can trot out at parties and funerals […]

Corner Gas: The Movie. A sneak peak

Corner Gas, CTV’s comedy about small town prairie life, recently started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a movie. The $100 000 goal was surpassed with 24 hours. Contributors to the movie, which has a total budget of over $8 million, are eligible for perks according to how much money they donated. $5 would […]

Edmonton Journal’s annual cruel experiment yields goslings

The goslings of the Edmonton Journal’s Goosecam have hatched. The Goosecam, in its 6th year, is a live streaming feed of a Canada Goose nest west of Edmonton. It is an annual experiment by the Journal to examine the effects of round the clock anonymous surveillance on the avian brain. This year’s unlucky participant, Patience, […]

Antichrist 666 not among Alberta’s top baby names for 2013

Service Alberta, the department responsible for vital statistics, has released a list of all names given to newborns in Alberta for 2013. Along with the complete list, it compiled the top 20 twenty for boys and girls. For girls, Olivia topped the list, and for boys the number one name was Liam. I caught up […]