Monthly Archives: April 2014

Rare cryptid Alisonus Redfordia spotted in Palm Springs

Rare political cryptid Alisonus Redfordia has been spotted dining in Palm Springs, California. Once common to Alberta, Alisonus Redfordia was last seen on March 19th where she, along with 86 other exotic animals, spent much of her time in an ornate Edmonton sanctuary. Like other species of its genus, Alisonus Redfordia is migratory. It finds […]

8 shocking facts about Just for Laughs Gags

Though it is common tradition to gather around the water cooler, Tim Horton’s  doughnuts in hand, to discuss our favourite pranks on last night’s episode, I bet there’s still some things about the show that would surprise you. Here’s ten facts about the show described by the Honourable Shelly Glover as “Canada’s most cherished export” […]

Public art in Edmonton: Winston Churchill

South of City Hall is Churchill Square. Flanked by theatres, galleries and cafes, it is a place that blossoms like a concrete flower in the summertime. Food trucks, buskers, and even ping pong tables host businessmen and bohemians alike. The square is named after Sir Winston Churchill, the man who saw the U.K through some […]

Edmonton 420 celebration ends in chaos

Yesterday the world celebrated 420, a holiday for everyone, no matter what colour of the pot smokers’ neon fractal rainbow they may be. The gatherings are a bit smelly, have at least two hula hoops per person, and are altogether harmless. Or at least, they used to be. Cynics scoff at the pot hysteria of […]

Galleria pedway to be powered by Geishas, monkeys

City council has stalled on the $1 billion Galleria project in a bid to find more funding partners. They need sources willing to share the $30 million expense for a pedway leading from Churchill station to a proposed arts venue leased by the University of Alberta. The leasing of the space is contingent on the […]

Stolen by Heartbleed: This is my story

The Canadian Revenue Agency has admitted that the Heartbleed bug has been exploited in its online software and the social insurance numbers of 900 taxpayers have been compromised. But I already knew this. Do you want to know why? Because I am one of the many victims. The following is my shocking story. It started […]

Edmonton Galleria: The horrid consequences

A recently released report has stated that the city may be on the hook for funds down the line for the proposed $1 billion Galleria project. The project is the philanthropic brainchild of the Kipnes family, the bourgeoisie liquor barons who founded Liquor Barn. It proposes four theatres, an office tower, and retail space north […]