Monthly Archives: February 2014

We need to talk about mural: Beyond Grandin Station

With a response to the hideously insensitive Grandin LRT Station mural being commissioned, a conversation has started on other murals in the city that are widely known as “godawful”. One such example is the mural presented by Telus at the north end of HUB mall in the University of Alberta, where the pedway leads to […]

Kerry Diotte: A phoenix from the ashes

Diotte’s back, baby! Those of you who followed the municipal election may remember his soft smile and sparkling eyes. A campaign driven by soothsaying fear mongering, callous warnings of “Diotte or Detroit”, proclaimations that without his benevolent leadership the city will soon bankrupt and crumble like a haphazard pile of silver roadside balls. He invoked […]

#yeg4LRT: Iveson’s propaganda machine

What started with the innocuous hashtag #yeg4LRT, enemy of industry Don Iveson has hammered another nail into Edmonton’s coffers. They bleed like stuck pigs as his propaganda machine eviscerates cold hard facts into a spine softening gruel of pie in the sky pseudoscience. Tuesday saw the launch of, a harem of enticing misinformation that […]

A tour of the Legislature: House of Lego

The last time I set foot in the province’s legislature building was in grade six, and the knowledge I gained unfortunately atrophied over the years, so I decided to once again learn about the gears that grind the meaty needs of provincial citizens into succulent sausages of democracy and took a tour. Tours of the […]

Movie review: Lego

When watching a film, occasionally the preceding trailers actually outshine the feature. If not only for sheer volume of the former, the movie I saw falls into this category. The teasers themselves started out predictably for a children’s movie. Mr. Peabody and Sherman presents a historiographic rumination on determinism as presented by an anthropomorphic canine […]

This day in photojournalism

The Edmonton Journal, in celebration of the death of journalism. The advertisement had been replaced by 10:30AM, but according to an inside source “that is no indication that our institution will ever waver in its commitment to upholding the cash-is-truth plutocracy that we’ve all come to rely on.”

Alison Redford’s solid gold airplane

In the wake of the news that her trip to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’a funeral cost the province over $45 000, premier Alison Redford has apologized, but maintains that the trip fell within guidelines for appropriate use of taxpayer money and will not be refunding said amount. Critics point out that Nova Scotia premier […]