Monthly Archives: January 2014

Review: Mondays

As industry slowly slides into post-industry, modernity into post-modernity, so too have we increasingly began to question the structure in which we function. There has been no greater lightning rod of such thought than Monday. Initially created as a foil between Sunday and Tuesday, over millenia Monday has been subjected to interpretation and reinterpretation, resulting […]

Dragons’ Den coming to Edmonton

Smaug is a reptilian poorhouse skidmark compared to the dragons that will descend on Edmonton on February 15th. Riding the billowing winds of capitalism on outstretched wings Arlene Dickinson, Kevin O’Leary, David Chilton, Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving, ruthless investors of CBC hit show Dragons’ Den, will be in the city. Dreamers, schemers and greedheads […]

Take a long holiday: Let your children play

In the past weeks when northern Alberta is compared to one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, Daryl Katz writes an apologetic letter to fans of his piss poor hockey team, and airport security gives a pipe bomb to a teenager, poets and pundits need to regroup. What good is metaphor and hyperbole […]

Terwillegar Towne in shutdown mode as random violence continues

A public warning for citizens to avoid walking alone or in dark areas has been issued by EPS in one of the city’s worst neighbourhoods, Terwillegar Towne. The warning follows the third random assault in as many months in the area. The neighbourhood’s residents are notorious for their unwillingness to work constructively with authorities, and […]

Loonie worst performing currency of 2014: Trouble in paradise

Currently at 91.27 cents, Canadian dollar has been the worst performing primary currency of 2014. In the scant two weeks that we’ve been able to revel in the freshly minted beginnings of a new year, the value of our dollar has dropped by 3.1 cents. Maybe it’s sad, but the loonie has always been a […]

Movie review: Her

Her, written and directed by Spike Lee, is an allegorical criticism of the white male’s modern colonialism as sexual fetish. It is the near-future story of Theodore Twombly, a recent divorcee who purchases an artificially intelligent operating system who is tasked to perform menial, rote, and repetitive jobs to serve his own interests. In the […]

Review: Inside Llewyn Davis & a plate of theatre nachos

Inside Llewyn Davis (pronounced Lululemon Dervish) is the latest film by Joel and Ethan Coen. Thick with meaning, simultaneously natural and unnatural, a hot, zesty cheese liberally covers my six dollar plastic handwagon of nachos. The cooling artificial product drips down from the deep fried corn chips and coats my fingers like a second skin […]