Monthly Archives: November 2013

Southeast LRT: Matters of the heart

The train. The mighty industrial chariot which mocks the pitiful spindle legs of horse and human. We who covet with unnatural tenacity light rail transit have been told that in seven years time we will be able to mock vulgar plodding of biological locomotion from the velocitous caravan that is an LRT going all the […]

Product review: iPad Air

Apple Chef Executive Officer Timothy Cook In anticipation of Black Friday’s greed soaked frenzy, I’ve decided to do a product review of Apple Inc’s iPad Air released on November 1st. The iPad Air is a fifth generation tablet that comes with numerous updates and improvements over previous models. I decided to treat myself, and purchased […]

Festival of Ideas: Alanis and Margaret

Margaret Atwood and Alanis Morissette will be at the Winspear this Friday, November 22nd. Chosen for the University of Alberta’s Festival of Ideas based on their palindromic initials, the two are significant cultural icons. But don’t get too excited, the event sold out faster than a six toed proton in the large hadron collider. So, […]

Pothole dole out: Bone-mushed in the ragged jerking of a spackled cheese road.

    On Monday or Tuesday you may have noticed, emblazoned on the ancient screens of newspaper dispensers, wrinkled with grime, that the city of Edmonton has dispensed nearly $500 000 in pothole claims. The amount of claims has doubled from 1000 to 2000 since last year. Most disturbing of this news is not the tired […]

Ilya Bryzgalov: Future poet laureate

Eight year veteran NHL netminder Ilya Bryzgalov has been signed to the Edmonton Oilers for a one year contract. After a conditioning assignment to the Oklahoma City Barons in the AHL, Ilya has been pulled up to practice with the Oilers. He hasn’t played since last season when the Philadelphia Flyers bought out of the […]

278 metres: The tallest Edmontonian

    Edmonton’s BCM developments has proposed to build a 71 storey tower in proximity to the future arena. The city’s current tallest building, the Epcor Tower, stands at 149 metres. If the rezoning and building permits are approved the Epcor Tower will be reduced to a tiny speck of laughable insignificance when compared to the […]

Canadian Finals Rodeo: Cowboys and capitalism

Over the weekend Edmonton was best by an abundance of be-hatted cosplayers of colonialism. They congregated, as they do every year, for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, an event of confusing syntax held since 1974. The sky turns plaid from November 6th to the 10th, $1.47 million worth of winnings is up for grabs as crowds […]